Rebecca Moore Dance

Rebecca Moore Dance offers a source of professional, contemporary dance in southwestern Connecticut. Choreographer, Rebecca Moore, has been making dances since 2002, and presents her work in a variety of places from site-specific locations to conventional theatre spaces. RMD seeks to connect with new audiences and exhibit work at different venues. Moreover, Rebecca provides the opportunity for community engagement in the arts through teaching, workshops, and performances. RMD utilizes a wide range of dancers with diverse backgrounds and collaborates with energetic, dynamic, and enthusiastic performers. Rebecca Moore Dance is available for choreographic work, performance projects, master workshops, and is interested in collaborating with other professional artists from various backgrounds.

Bio Mission

Hi, I’m Rebecca! Artistic Director of Rebecca Moore Dance. I practically started dancing out of the womb and have since built a career on an extensive practice of choreography, direction, performance, and teaching. I recently performed in the finals of America’s Got Talent with shadow dance troupe, Catapult, leading to international tours and performances in Germany and Switzerland.  More international tour work includes Germany and Dubai with modern dance company, Pilobolus. I attended graduate school for dance, achieving a Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College where I excelled in choreography and direction. I’ve used that knowledge to create and present my own contemporary dance works extensively throughout New York City and Connecticut in such venues as the New Haven International Festival for Arts and Ideas 2011 and 2012, White Silo Winery 2012 and 2013, Paint the People 2014, CoolNY 2012 Dance Festival, The Silo Gallery 2012, 2011 DUMBO DANCE FESTIVAL, Moravian College 2002-2006 and 2012, and Sarah Lawrence College 2008-2010. Many years of instructing as a teaching artist with students of all ages and abilities has taught me how to create a relaxed and supportive learning environment that is fun and focused. Teaching affiliations include the Pilobolus Institute, FineLine Theatre Arts, and Sarah Lawrence College. My philosophy as a choreographer and teaching artist is to spark curiosity, encourage exploration, observe with a perceptive eye, and guide with a steady voice.

The mission of Rebecca Moore Dance is to expose diverse audiences to the choreography and artistic endeavors of Rebecca Moore. Her philosophy is to welcome innovative methods in the dance-making process, and to appreciate movement in its multitude of forms.

Rebecca Moore Dance seeks to foster a supportive environment in the studio through a collaborative, experimental, and improvisatory approach. Through this type of work, RMD provides the audience with genuine experiences and invites them into very distinct and unique worlds. A stylistic through line in the dancing often involves complex partnering and raw athleticism.